Taking a full responsibility for your life

I cannot forget my late father’s usual saying that “More will be given to he who has, but from him who hasn’t, even what he has will be taken away”. My father was no church preacher, he was a practicing Muslim. I later realized that his quote is found in the the Holy Bible. It is in the Book of Matthews Chapter 25, verse 29. It was Jesus’ comments to the “Parable of the Talents” that he’d narrated to his disciples. The hesitant servant was stripped off of the little he had, and his single talent was passed on to the servant that had the most talents.

I can say that the most important lessons I was taught when growing up were delivered through my father’s daily use of proverbial wisdom. He was skilled in the art of how and when the wise-sayings should be employed in particular situation. My father would talk in proverbs, instilling in us, his children, that an individual must take a hundred percent responsibility for his or her life.

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