Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog, BukkyOfficial.com.

I am excited to share my thoughts, faith, personal interests and career experiences with you which will hopefully inspire you on your journey towards advancement.

Just a little information about me, most of my professional career has been within the local government and community / voluntary sector. What has kept me going within this working area is my passion to work with others and a desire to impact and implement changes in this society.

My associates can agree that I can juggle tasks which I guess is something I learned along the way. Most recently I’ve been booked by reputable organisations to train, teach and enrich the lives of others through coaching, if the offers keep coming in, who knows I might soon be taking myself more serious in the area.

As you may know from reading the details above that I run on a busy schedule, so do forgive me if this blog is not updated as regularly as you would like or I do not respond to your e-mails immediately.

Have a blessed day.

Cllr Bukky Okunade

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Life coach, public speaker, politician and mother of three unique children.

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